Sebastian Gräßl

aka. bastilian
  • Ruby & JavaScript Developer at Red Hat Inc.
  • Data & Information nerd
  • Free & Open culture enthusiast

wollzelle GmbH | Web Developer

Maintaining sites of customers, implementing custom solutions and training them was part of my job as well as improving and maintaining the Ruby and Rails based digital asset management application Implementing new features in the Prototype & Scriptaculous based front and on the server side was part of the work on Fluxiom as well as handling day to day tasks for it like customer support and operations tasks.

Some Projects

  • Fluxiom Fluxiom Logo As one of my first full-stack projects it allowed me to apply and learn skills in a variety of environments. One notable feature I implemented is the "Inbox" to allow uploads for unauthenticated users and approve the uploads by authenticated users which makes use of the nginx upload progress module. Another project for Fluxiom was an OS X Dashboard Widget for Mac users and a Google Chrome Extension. Other work included improving the overall user experience on the front end, improving the backend along with it, optimize the infrastructure and architecture.

  • Gucci Logo At wollzelle I had also the pleasure to be part of the team improving and adding new features for special product requirements, collections or the overall experience of the JSON driven front end on

  • Gucci Grammy® Widget Gucci Grammy Widget For the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards ceremony Gucci launched the I-Gucci GRAMMY timepiece and an accompanying desktop widget for Mac, Windows and Yahoo! Widgets. It is written in JavaScript and includes a adapter layer for each platform.

  • Casinos Austria International Casinos Austria International Logo To better manage content, especially their casinos in various locations, on their website a soft relaunch was made with a BrowserCMS based solution. I took over most of the backend development including templates and work closely with the front end developer.

  • RAUMKUNST Raumkunst Logo For RAUMKUNST another custom solution was developed based on BrowserCMS to manage their projects. In addition to implementing the back and front end, I trained the customer to manage the content on their website.