I'm Sebastian,
a programmer living in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands,
where I work as a Software Engineer at Red Hat Inc..

I also write code for fun and tinker with electronics, music and other shananigans.


Recently listened

  • Rocky Rococo by Cap'n Jazz
  • Louder Than a Bomb by Tiga
  • Ratify The New by The Hidden Cameras
  • Sunday by Batu
  • Zeal by Batu
  • A Message to You Rudy by The Specials
  • Come On by Moloko
  • Familiar Feeling by Moloko
  • The Time Is Now by Moloko
  • Antidote by Morcheeba

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I once in a while forget that my iPod still has a spinning hard drive, only once in a while I get reminded but the motor spinning up and the read head(s) clicking and clacking. <3

Ben UFOs live sets are just always mind-blowing. His knowledge about the music he plays and the ways he can effortlessly move from one track to the other and on to the next are just extraordinary.

Ben UFO | @KioskRadio x @TheLotRadio x Horst ...

My Mac mini has this weird issue where after it wakes up from sleep, all the sound coming from it sounds like it is played from a tape deck with low batteries. Yesterday I had the same issue, but it was only for the Music.app

In between all the emo and electronic music, I've been listening a lot to Mogwai's "Ten Rapid" album.

Mogwai - Helicon 1 (Official Video)