I'm Sebastian,
a programmer living in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands,
where I work as a Software Engineer at Red Hat Inc..

I also write code for fun and tinker with electronics, music and other shananigans.


Recently listened

  • Clean Kill by Coriky
  • Say Yes by Coriky
  • Hard to Explain by Coriky
  • Clean Kill by Coriky
  • Repeater by Fugazi
  • Repeater by Fugazi
  • Brendan #1 by Fugazi
  • Repeater by Fugazi
  • Waiting Room by Fugazi
  • Merchandise by Fugazi

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You said you found a way to lighten your load
You leave your engine by the side of the road
Paying all these people to polish your car
You think appearance is what takes you far

Hard to Explain