I'm Sebastian,
a programmer living in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands,
where I work as a Software Engineer at Red Hat Inc..

I also write code for fun and tinker with electronics, music and other shananigans.


Recently listened

  • Lockdown by Fugazi
  • Provisional by Fugazi
  • Burning Too by Fugazi
  • And the Same by Fugazi
  • Margin Walker by Fugazi
  • Glue Man by Fugazi
  • Suggestion by Fugazi
  • Give Me the Cure by Fugazi
  • Burning by Fugazi
  • Bad Mouth by Fugazi

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To be honest, I like their earlier stuff better. It's more raw.

Green Day - Brain Stew/Jaded [Official Music ...

i'm the neighbour blasting Fugazi out the window. 🤘

Waiting Room

If I wanted to learn SwiftUI with the primary focus being macOS as the target platform, where would I best go/start?