I'm Sebastian,
a programmer living in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands,
where I work as a Software Engineer at Red Hat Inc..

I also write code for fun and tinker with electronics, music and other shananigans.


Recently listened

  • Three Drums by Four Tet
  • So Blue by Four Tet
  • 31 Bloom by Four Tet
  • Skater by Four Tet
  • Daydream Repeat by Four Tet
  • Storm Crystals by Four Tet
  • Gliding Through Everything by Four Tet
  • Loved by Four Tet
  • Everything Means Nothing by toe
  • Metronome by toe

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I am thinking there must already be something, but I was also considering to just run scripts using some HA API wrapper on my GitLab CI.

Home Assistant (@homeassistant@fosstodon.org)

What is the best way to run a real script against a instance?

Not like what is called "Scripts" in the settings. What I want is to write actual code that reads the state of an entity and acts on it.

Home Assistant (@homeassistant@fosstodon.org)

Someone once told me, I'm not a textbook case, but a case of textbooks.